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Double Grip Chamois Yoga Towel

Our chamois yoga towels are made with a blend of polyester and nylon for superior absorbance and a smooth, soft feel. The food grade silicone provides great grip and each towel has fun patterns.

Jade Yoga Kit

Elevate your yoga practice with our yoga kits. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi, these kits have everything you need to find your inner balance and strength.

Buy a Mat to Support Ukraine

100% of profits from the sale of the Ukraine mat will be donated to Ukraine TrustChain and Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Find The Perfect Yoga Mat For You!

Eco-friendly and sustainably made, we have a mat that is right for everyone.

Grateful Dead x JadeYoga

JadeYoga is excited to announce our licensed collaboration with the Grateful Dead.

Buy A Mat, Plant A Tree

For every mat we sell, we plant a tree, it's that simple.

No Slip Grip

Made from all natural rubber our mats provide full traction for your practice.

Safe For The Whole Family

Our mats are free from PVCs, phthalates, heavy metals and flame retardants

Introducing Our New Mat Wash

Jade's plant-based mat wash is made specially for natural rubber yoga mats and contains white thyme, oregano and eucalyptus essential oils which not only clean your mat, but contain anti-oxidants that help extend the life of your mat.

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