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What People Are Saying

Thank you very much for your note regarding my new mat. . . . It is very impressive to receive your personal email. Jade Yoga was recommended to me because of the quality of product. Now I have a great story to share about the outstanding service as well. - Brian S.

I just have to say THANK YOU! I bought a harmony mat almost 2 years ago. I Loved it immediately . . .  Jade yoga mats are not ever comparable to other mats! EVERYONE NEEDS A JADE YOGA MAT NO QUESTION ASKED! People need to know not to waste their money on other mats and just jump for the Jade, you'll never be disapointed! I just had to praise you guys for a minute and tell you what an awesome mat you make!  Caitlin M.

Thank you for creating the ultimate mat. Your mats are hands down the very best I have ever used and I have used them all. You understand what it means to be in your body and not thinking about slipping. - Sean R.

Your mats changed my practice and life!  - Tricia P.

I've been thinking about sending this message for some time now. I got my first jade yoga mat in late 2012 and have been in love ever since. I am now a certified yoga instructor & teach an average of 12-15 classes a week, most of them in 100 degrees w/ humidity & my jade has never failed me. When asked by class participants what mat do I recommend, it is always jade. So I say thank you many times over. I've been called a yoga mat snob & I admit, yes I am! Wishing all my super sweaty class participants could own one!! Thanks again!  Lynnlee H.

Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an amazing yoga mat! I LOVE my mat! I live in Durban, South Africa and it gets really humid here and every mat I tried has turned into a slippery slide, as I perspire in my palms but this mat is just amazing! If I could, I would buy one for each of my students  Lots of Light and Love. - Jackie D.

I started using one of your classic professional mats a few years ago and have absolutely loved every it each practice I get to get on the mat! I love the texture, cushion, durability and even the smell! I practice a hot (bikram) series quite often, and even through all the sweat, your mat is super solid and awesome. I am just finishing up my 200 hour teacher training and have to tell you that your mat has really been there for me through all 200+ hours of training and I wouldn't have wanted any other mat! I plan to keep using your mats forever, so please don't stop making them! Yoga is a perfect balance for the rest of my life. . . . Anyways, just wanted to write a quick note to say Hi and a big Thank You for making such an awesome product!! Keep it up and I will always spread the word on how awesome your mats are! Tyler W.

I've been practicing for over three years (3-5 times/week) now with your travel mat. I use it here in Afghanistan where I have been working and I just had to tell you what a super mat it is and how long it has served me. I am amazed at how well it has held up and after these three years it is still the most sticky mat I have ever owned or used. I was searching the site for a wide mat and you have one. . . . . Thanks for the great product! Namaste LaMar S.

I had to let you know how absolutely in love I am with my Jade harmony yoga mat. The grip is extraordinary. Its amazing how stable I feel in my asanas, and how much ease there is in sun salutations. I never knew just how much of a difference a good rubber mat would make. I really have to be your biggest fan! I am a yoga instructor and teach several classes a week. Mostly at gyms with large classes. I have been beginning every class glowing and raving about how amazing the Jade harmony mat is. . . .  I will never own any other mat. And i just love knowing your company plants a tree for every mat sold. Thank you again so much, from the bottom of my heart....Peace and Light. Namaste, Nikki S.

I love my mat, it is awesome, I love the color and most importantly, I love the mat itself. I recently went to a week long retreat where I used their standard sticky mats and I was shocked at how horrible they were and how spoiled I have been on my Jade mat. Never will I go anywhere without it again!!!!  Marlena E.

I am sure you hear this all of the time but every time  a client buys one of your mats they are in love after the first use. These mats make such a difference in their practice! My clients are  also happy to buy from a company that gives back to society and carries a product made in the USA.....

So I appreciate you guys is what I am trying to say!  - Linea M.

I just received the longer length Harmony Pro in purple from my husband, as a birthday gift AND because I'm about to give birth to our baby any day now. I have to tell you - I LOVE THIS MAT. It's so grippy but soft! I feel so strong on it - which is really nice, considering the fact that I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. I'm excited to use it even more after I give birth!  Rita M. 

I recently purchased the Harmony yoga mat. This mat is amazing! The mat is comfortable. While it's not the thickest mat available, the cushioning is remarkable. There was never any discomfort from Hero's Pose to Relaxation Pose. I appreciate how sticky the mat is. I found it wonderful to place my hands or feet on the mat and not experience any shifting or slip. It's so sticky that, on occasion, I heard my feet moving from one pose to the next. It alerted me that I've been dragging my feet when I should be lifting them. The Jade Harmony is an outstanding mat. Thank you for making a great mat and sharing an eco-friendly view. - Victor M.

I feel like I am in Yoga Mat paradise. Thank you. - Tiff

I just wanted to send a message thanking you for the amazing mats you create! I just received my Harmony mat on Tuesday and I am already in love. This mat has exceeded all of my expectations. Its grip and cushioning are phenomenal. Thank you, as well, for creating a product that is both environmentally and ethically sound. I am a high school senior entering into the Stern School of Business next year. I am interested in a career in business or entrepreneurship and your company has created a model that I hope to follow in my future endeavors. You have created a product that I do not have to question or feel guilty about using. I am in love with Jade Yoga and will continue to use your mats for the rest of my yoga journey- so I will be a life long customer!  - Abbie D