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Meditation Mats – Handwoven Dharba Grass Mats - JadeYoga

$ 49.95

These Meditation mats are made from Dharba grass and cotton. Dharba grass is a tropical grass that grows in India and is considered sacred. These mats are 26" wide and 72" long. Click here for a review from Business Insider.  Please use over Jade mat to prevent slipping on hard floors such as hardwood, laminate, or tile floors.

In India, Jade's Dharba grass meditation mats are handwoven by rural artisans, preserving a tradition and art form and providing a livelihood for weavers. Weaving is a traditional way of life for many people in this area of India and has seen a massive decline in recent years as it can be very difficult to make a living with weaving and many people have left in search of other jobs. These rugs support the traditional weavers and allow them to use their skills to support their families. For many of them, this is the only job they have ever had and making these rugs allows them to keep this tradition alive. Please click here to hear our weaver talk about his work. 

For each Dharba Grass meditation mat purchased, Jade will provide a week of hot lunches for a child in India. 


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