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Meditation Cushions

$ 64.95

Jade's Meditation Cushions are meant to bring both comfort and support to your practice.

Our Zafu Meditation Cushion (Round) provides ample support and is meant to help improve posture while seated by taking pressure off of the ankles, knees, and back.

Our Zabuton Meditation Cushion (Rectangular) is softer and is meant to provide more comfort while meditating.

Both cushions may be used together by stacking the Zafu on top of the Zabuton.

Made in the USA. Cover is organic cotton, liner is conventional cotton, batting is 85/15 cotton/poly blend, Zafu filling is standard buckwheat hull.

Zafu dimensions: 5" x 15"

Zabuton dimensions: 35" x 24" x 4"

Zabuton care instructions: machine wash cold, hang to dry to avoid shrinkage 

Zafu care instructions: remove filling, machine wash cold, hang to dry to avoid shrinkage