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Looks Who's Using Jade

We at Jade have been very lucky to have the support of many incredible yoga teachers, musicians and athletes over the years - here are some ones you might recognize.

baron Jade Seane
cindi lee Jade Jiva
Gurmukh Desiree
jada shiva saul
simon Sianna
Vinnie people
people people
people people
people mark
dharma leah
franti janet stone
jai family Duncan-Yoga
cameron faith hunter
Jade-Jason Hema-YI-Jade
coral amy
Cowgirl crop Eddie Nikki-crop
logroller skier
baseball lacrosse
Austin-Keen Blake Leper
Greg Campbell Jade-cyclist
Jade-Greg Jade Rebecca
Jade Rowers Jade-Snowboarder
Kristi Yamaguchi skaters jade