Jade Ambassadors Continued

Irina Astrom

Studio: Soula Grove Yoga - Paso Robles, CA

Style: Hatha

Philosophy: I believe life is a personal journey and my goal is to encourage growth and understanding of the self through yoga, where students can create a vision, discover their own sense of spirituality and find a holistic balance in their everyday lives. I am as much a student as I am a teacher, embracing the process all along the way. We should all take a moment, close our eyes and just breathe.

Angela Still

Studio: University of SC

Style: Power

Philosophy: Being a yoga instructor is about nonjudgment and compassion, and my Karmic duty is to bring yoga to the underserved.  As a prison yoga instructor, I seek to empower the powerless and give inmates  a tool for self-healing and self-love. Whether we are an inmate or not, we all have our own unique struggles and histories  that make us the people we are today.  Sometimes just having one person believe in us makes all the difference.  Yoga teaches us to embrace all we are in the present moment and to realize there is a better way.


Heather Head 

Studio: Plantation Key Fitness Islamorada, Florida Keys

Style: Hatha

Philosophy: I feel very blessed to be able to call this beautiful beach in the Florida Keys, "my studio." On this tiny island, we enjoy beach yoga year-round complete with swaying palm trees, gentle waves lapping the shore and a multitude of beautiful birds and wildlife. I strive to make everyone feel happy and welcomed no matter their experience level. My main goal is to teach my students how to live a long, healthy and happy life, not only through diet and exercise, but by making a total shift in their lifestyle.

Aris Seaberg


Style: hatha, prenatal, kids yoga

Philosophy: I truly believe that yoga is for everyone. Yoga should be inclusive and available to all. I have personally seen the power of yoga transform lives including my own. My approach is more traditional and therapeutic, not based on how good of a workout the class is or what poses you can accomplish, its based on being healthy in your mind, body, and soul. I love to weave in anatomy and philosophy from the ancient texts. Kids yoga is also one of my favorites to teach as they need it too! They have fun and are very receptive to the benefits of yoga, especially on managing their emotions.

Shereen Bernaz

Studio: Ride and Reflect

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I like to teach honoring all body types and fitness levels. I enjoy teaching with a combination of humor and vigor while ending the class with a Mantra for them to carry with them.

Kelsey Gronowski

Studio: Bodhi Seed Yoga, Mt. Clemens, MI

Style: Vinyasa & Ashtanga

Philosophy: My focus as a teacher is to explore the harmony between body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is so much more than just the physical practice. It is the combination of the physical body working in sync with breathwork and finding your Self. The root of my classes rise from Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga and inspire students to make the practice their own. Students can expect a safe, creative space to practice and flourish physically, mentally, and spiritually in their own unique way.

Denise Springer

Studio: You Power Yoga

Style: Power

Philosophy: I love building connections with students and seeing them become happier, healthier, more loving and relaxed. My prayer is for You Power Yoga students to experience the joyful, lasting transformation yoga brings. Come as you are – large, small, happy, not so happy; leave better. It really can be just that simple.

Marley Stief

Studio: Mountain Yoga Bozeman, MT

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Reconnecting with ones truth through movement and meditation. challenging yourself to find your edge, get uncomfortable and feel into you.

Holly Anne

Studio: Enchanted Bliss Yoga  Vernon, NJ

Style: Vinyasa and Kundalini

Philosophy: My philosophy of teaching yoga is to help others find their inner bliss. As everyone knows, yoga isn't just about getting the pose down, it's more like an accomplishment for yourself to better yourself both physically and mentally.

Dinorah Hudson

Studio: Birchwood Center for Yoga and Massage Nyack, NY

Style: Hatha/Vinyasa

Philosophy: I enjoy teaching what I'd like to call a safe "slow flow", which is a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga that focuses on alignment and connecting with breath through movement. I also have a deep appreciation for Yoga Philosophy which is integrated all throughout my teaching.

Julie Gabus

Style: Vinyasa & Ashtanga & Prenatal

Philosophy: When I am teaching I like to install a relaxed and welcolming atmosphere where my students can feel comfortable and cared for. I want them to find and develop their own capacities so that they can be more confident in their every day life. I focus on the synchronization between the breath and the movement and on suggesting variations of postures according to their own body.

Cecilia Garama

Studio: Nour Yoga - Mombasa, Kenya

Style: Hatha

Philosophy:  Yoga has been an amazing teacher and friend ever since it came into my life. Through yoga I have been empowered to follow my dreams and do what I love. I believe yoga offers people the tools to find balance in life, and that’s what I want for my students. I put emphasis on the mind-body-breath connection in all of my classes. I am very passionate about my continent- Africa, and I believe yoga can bring a lot of healing to Africa’s children. My philosophy is that yoga is everyone. There is nothing more beautiful than people from all walks of life coming together to move and breath as one.

Sophie Schnitzlein

Studio: Warren Wilson College Asheville, NC

Style: Hatha/Ashtanga

Philosophy: ONLY DO WHAT IS TRUE TO YOU. By saying this while guiding others through a practice, I really want everyone to be doing what feels good for their body, their mind, their environment, and purpose in their life. What is true for you may look, feel, and and produce different outcomes of lifestyle choices and practices between one another. This is why I keep an emphasis on following your instinct, intuition, and sensations throughout a practice so one can be in tune with what feels organic and natural.

Laura Keller

Amber Shadwick

Studio: Private Studio in Brevard, NC. www.ambershadwick.com for more info, destination retreats and national offerings

Philosophy:  As a Yoga Practitioner, Wellness Expert, and Ayurvedic Specialist, Amber's intentions are to facilitate improvements in all dimensions of health and wellness. She embraces assisting individuals in self-regulation techniques that improve adaptability and foster greater resiliency in the mind, body and spirit. Through her intentional blending of yoga, pranayama, Ayurveda, and wellness wisdom, she truly makes transformation attainable- as her mantra implies- wellness made simple and easy. 

Joy Arnold

Philosophy: Joy is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Reiki Master, with a formal education in nutrition and dietetics. This eclectic background lends to her unique style and expression of teaching. Her gentle sincere approach and playful spirit allows you to believe in yourself, igniting the fire within and awakening your spirit! 

Her classes are a dance for the spirit, fun and playful with a soulful vibe.  She guides you through this yoga dance with mindfulness, intent and purpose including infusion of chanting, breath work, essential oils, and heart.  This creates a sacred space for you to feel...not only your body but your feelings allowing you to cleanse and heal on every level. 

Cheryl Oknefski

Studio: Peaces of Me Wellness Studio

Style: Hatha

Alison Krywucki


Studio: StillPoint Yoga Studio

Style: Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Yoga-Meditation Combination Classes 

Alison Mackie


Studio: Naval Bases in Naples, Italy

Style: Vinyasa

Susan Verde


Studio: East end Long Island, camps, schools and privately

Style: Vinyasa flow

Philosophy: I am a certified kid's yoga and mindfulness instructor for pre-school through teenage children and a children's book author. I teach Hatha yoga with a mixture of stories, games, asana, pranayama and specific mindfulness activities. My teaching often includes expressing creativity through journaling and art and a reading of my latest book I Am Yoga.

Alexa Mergen


Studio: Wicked Rein Ely, NV

Style: Hatha

Philosophy: As a guide, I am a mirror held up for students to see their essential goodness and access their inner teacher. As a teacher, I study asana to prepare logical and fun sequences that increase strength, confidence and self-awareness. Because we're all community members of one shared planet, I include breath awareness and stillness practices in every class, and base every teaching decision on a foundation of ethics. Or simply, as my teacher Cyndi Lee says, "Why be a yoga teacher?" "To be helpful."

Lena Hershey


Studio: Carlisle Family YMCA, Carlisle, PA

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Do no harm. Assist, encourage and support.

Cheska Farrarons


Studio: Synchronicity Studio, Clapham, London

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Pukka (पक्का​) in hindi means 'substantial'. In British english, it figuratively means 'genuine' and 'authentic'. 

I aim to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of what level they are. I incorporate movement with the breath, main style of teaching is Vinyasa with a nod to Ashtanga. 

Elise Antonio


Studio: 8 Limbs Yoga

Style: therapeutic/restorative

Philosophy: I believe in holding space for people to heal, grow, and discover connection through yoga. The more we are connected with our own minds, bodies, and spirits, the more we are open to connecting with others and the natural world. I'm simply a humble guide providing the space and a little instruction to others wanting to connect to their center, become filled with wonder again, and/or discover other magical and mysterious occurrences awaiting them on the mat.

Ashlee O'Regan


Studio: Jiaren yoga- Santa Clara CA

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is to guide students through a practice that their mind and bodies need, but also provide tools to use off the mat in self-acceptance. Students can expect a well-rounded physical challenge in addition to some humor and playfulness.

Wern Cheen Chang


Studio: Yoga at Cindys, Sunnyvale CA

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: I believe in making yoga accessible to everyone. It is much more than just asana but a practice of living life by building awareness of your body, mind and breath. Eat, run, play and yoga :)

Jasmine Creighton


Studio: Claremont Yoga, Claremont, CA

Style: Hatha

Philosophy:  Jasmine became a teacher so she can service women in the pre and postnatal pregnancy stages as well as beginners and those seeking an alternative for healing purposes. Her overall goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone, especially in minority communities.

 “I believe yoga is a one size fits all practice, meaning it’s for every one.” – Jasmine Creighton

Jessyca  Canizales


Studio: Pran Lounge Colombo

Style: Vinyasa, Restorative

Philosophy:  Jessyca Canizales has been an international educator for over 15 years, helping learners obtain goals in a variety of areas including movement, improv, dance, networking, web design, as well as extensive experience as an elementary and special education, teacher and administrator. She teaches between 5-10 hours regularly each week to both children and adults as well as offers private instruction, monthly workshops and retreats in Asia. Currently in Battaramulla, colOMbo in the sacred land known as Sri Lanka. She is connecting and growing with the yoga community there.

Jennifer Stewart

Studio:  Rise Power Yoga, Princeton NJ 

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I love making yoga accessible and real. It's for real people living real lives. There's no perfect image of what a yogi looks like, it's in ALL of us. Every class may be a little different as we arrive differently on our mats each time. I love to create a space for individual's to come together...find themselves and find a community. Self love is key. I try to live this every day, on and off my mat. And yoga inspires me to dig deep and explore the inner most version of me, my true self. As I connect better with myself, I'm able to better connect with the realness in my students. We are all doing the best we can every day...some days may just be better than others, but that's okay. It's an ongoing effort. My class is a place for everyone, no matter their skill level, gender, age, size, color, religion, diet, etc. Like a great mat, it serves everyone :)

Lori Coffey


Studio: Hendricks Regional Health Yoga Studio Danville, IN

Style: Hatha and chronic conditions

Philosophy: Lori Coffey was introduced to yoga and meditation after a back injury in the late 90's. It has been the benefits of the ancient practice of body-mind union that has helped her with pain management, flexibility, strength, stress reduction and many other benefits these ancient practices offer. From her own yoga practice, Lori brings to her students the a union of breath and movement to focus the mind and bring awareness to the alignment, balance, and strength for each asana while being very present in the moment. In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, Lori aims to teach students to appreciate the non-physical benefits of practice by returning to lessons learned on the mat in to their daily lives off the mat.

Nicole Ilaw


Studio: Spa Le Mergiot, Santa Monica

Style: Yin Yoga

Philosophy: When we take ourselves outside of our minds, we are able to see our surroundings. What our surroundings are telling us and observing without judgement. 

"The judgement: you are now before Yama, King of the Dead. In vain you will try to.. Deny or conceal the evil deeds you have done... the mirror in which Yama seems to read your own past is your own memory, and also his judgement is your own. It is you your who pronounce your own judgment..." - Gautama Buddha

Ashley Battersby 

Ashley is  a professional skier, former US Ski team member, Xgames and Dew tour Athlete. Now certified yoga teach, spin instructor and owner of A-bomb Apparel (www.abomb-apparel.com)

Style: Vinyasa and Restorative

Anton Brandt

Studio: Sacred Fig  New York, NY 

Melissa Kleehammer

Style: Power

Philosophy: I started practicing yoga because I was unhappy with my life. I simply wanted to feel connected to who I was beneath the surface, so that no matter the situation, that couldn't be taken from me. I turned to teaching as a reflection of that, to help people reconnect. I teach Classical and Tantra yoga philosophy and meditation techniques to help students create and deepen their relationship with their personal divinity and higher self. I also bring biomechanics into classes, offering a lot of alignment cues and anatomy tips to help students clear pain and to gain a greater understanding of their bodies in order to prevent pain. 

Courtney Gable

Studio: Abington YMCA

Style: Hatha Vinyasa

Philosophy: I teach "open level" classes. My intention as a teacher is to create a safe space for every body at every level. Expaniding flexibility of mind, increasing our capacity for joy and compassion, and developing patience for ourselves and others are core principles in the practice I have the great honor of leading.  

Amanda Hussey

Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is that yoga is for every “body” and that everyone walks into a yoga class with a different story. As a teacher it’s my role to provide a safe space for each individual to come to their Mat and practice. I honor where every individual is at in their yoga journey.

Wendy Weeks

Studio: Kindness Collective Denver, CO

Style: Heated Power Yoga

Philosophy: I practice and teach yoga to synchronize the heart's passions with the power of the mind and body to co-create a journey of courage, positive energy and wonder. Simply put, let's step into love and see what sprouts. Root to rise! 

Morgan Perry 

Studio: Yoga Unwined Founder, New York, NY

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I founded Yoga Unwined because I wanted to make both wine and yoga approachable. In cities like New York, people can be competitive and take things too seriously...even yoga! (And we all know how intimidating wine can be.) Using my background as a wine marketer, I came up with the concept to teach students entry-level wine facts while moving through creative yoga poses that are easy enough for beginners, but can be modified for the more seasoned yogi. We then teach students how to taste wine and give them tools they can take out into the world to taste more mindfully.

Lily Pike

Studio: Yoga Loft Studios, Chicago,  IL

Style: Core Vinyasa Flow, Beginners Yoga

Philosophy: “If you build it, they will come”

- Field of Dreams (1989) Deep breath in, deep breath out. Life is instantaneous, so it is a privilege to learn from it while I can. Be it travelling locally or nationally, I am thrilled to explore new styles of practice, meeting spiritual leaders and attending workshops to enhance my personal yogic journey and enlightenment. By continually enlightening myself, I hope to inspire others. Maybe a little cheesy, but honest, I believe Field of Dreams nails it on the head – if you build your practice and truly let it become an extension of yourself, people will want to come and practice with you.

Genevieve Harris

Studio: Keep It Moving Yoga & Barre West Metro Atlanta

Style: BUTI Yoga

Philosophy: I opened a yoga studio because I wanted a living that would include my family and give support to special needs families.  We have a special needs child. Yoga is a practice that introduces a person to their true self, just breath and the mat.  There are no status, standards and labels in yoga.  This is PURE life

Educate. Encourage. Support.




Andrew Garrett

Studio: Nomad Yoga

Style: Vinyasa

PhilosophyMany people know that I have been practicing Yoga on a daily basis for about ten years, and teaching Yoga for about the past five years. But what most people don’t know is that before I found Yoga (or Yoga found me), I was practicing many different styles of martial arts for years. I have a black belt in Hap Ki Do, a second degree black belt in Kung Fu and have worked extensively with the ancient energy activities of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  While I was living in South Africa, I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Simon Borg Olivier. Simon is the co-creator of a relatively new style of Yoga called Yoga Synergy. While I was at the workshop, I noticed that many of the things I was learning with Simon, were very similar to what I had learned from Kung Fu and Qi Gong. I could feel my energy and heat rise within my body during the workshop and I remembered how hot I would feel from doing some simple Kung Fu and Qi Gong exercises. The only difference was, that Simon was now telling me about how the process was happening physiologically. I had been doing Kung Fu and different Martial Arts for years and it had increased my fitness (both physically and mentally), energy and sense of well-being, but nobody had really explained what was happening within the body that made me feel that way. After the workshop with Simon, I had a better understanding of what was happening. Suddenly practices that have been around for thousands of years, had a new meaning. I had found a way to relate all of the things I had been practicing to make a better understanding of not only the physical body, but the energetic body. 

I started to practice and combine what I have learned from Yoga, Martial Arts and Energy Work, to facilitate a unique practice that will make circulation, information, and energy, flow to it’s maximum potential. That is what I look forward to sharing with you.

You can check out Andrew's website here: 


Vanessa Seymour

Studio: Teacher in Toronto at York University

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I believe in creating an inviting and comfortable environment in which students feel safe and part of a community. I mostly teach university students which is important to me because I think that is a stage in life when a lot of people get lost. I believe my purpose as an instructor is not to make students fall in love with my way of teaching but to fall in love with the practice itself.

Sarah Lindgren

Studio: USA Fitness Center, IL 

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I believe every person of all ages and abilities can have a successful yoga practice, that allows them to live their fullest life.

Victoria Garcia Drago

Studio: Exhale Spa, Top Floor Fitness & Wellness and Boston Sports Club, Boston MA

Style: Slow Flow Vinyasa

Philosophy: I teach my students about respect, compassion, acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love, truthfulness/authenticity and patience to name a few life enhancing qualities and to cultivate these qualities through their practice. I remind them that it is important to start feeling these qualities toward them and to then witness how they can radiate them to others and to every sentient being!

Heidi Sloss

Studio: Restorative and Gentle Flow

Style: Downtown Yoga Shala in San Jose, CA

Philosophy: Bottom line is that I think of yoga as a journey, not a destination. And I think the asanas are part of the journey, but are certainly not the destination. No matter how much I move into a pose, it never feels as if I have completely achieved it, but rather as if I am inhabiting the pose temporarily. In my younger days, when I could do all sorts of advanced poses, I didn’t get the underlying component of the poses, the more emotional or vibrational aspect of moving in, achieving and then moving out of a pose. I just thought it was about hitting the mark and achieving the post. Now, as an ‘older’ Yoga Teacher, I come to my mat to explore, unfold and breathe, not so much as achieve. My hope is that I can give my students an experience of this.

Lee-Ann Doncevic

Studio: Mellow Massage and Yoga

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Lee-Ann integrates her background of movement trainings, strong knowledge of body alignment, & her pure lust for mindfulness to bring an uplifting flow to each class. She has a deep–rooted, therapeutic connection with yoga, & aspires to create opportunities for others that foster personal growth and well-being.

Kimberly Washington

Studio:Soul City Yoga Lynn, MA

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Philosophy: I believe in creating challenging and evolutionary Vinyasa sequences that flow like a dance to celebrate the grace and beauty of the human body. Heightened engagement in our practice allows us to focus, connect, and listen to our bodies. Fostering this type of connection creates strength, balance, increased flexibility, and clears the mind, taking our practice beyond the mat.

Katelyn White 

Studio: White Lotus Yoga, MI

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: Be present in yoga, be present in life.

Lexi Traub

Studio: Moksa, Ubud; Honeymoon Yoga, Ubud

Style: kriya, hatha, iyengar, vinyasa, yin

Philosophy: My philosophy is one of play, joy, laughter, and connection. I believe in aligning the body, to align the nadis (energy channels through the body). As well, with my newfound passion for Sattva Yoga, the incorporation of tantric and vedantic breathwork, mantras, and kriyas to generate electricity and give students the tools to master their own breath, bodies, energy, and life, is deeply profound for me.

Jane Manning

Studio: NBalance Hot Yoga and Fitness

Style: Fusion of Hatha, Vinyasa and Power Yoga

Philosophy: Yoga has the potential to transform a person's life. It begins with synchronizing the breath with movement, which can then lead to the cultivation of a deep sense of focus, purpose, and empowerment in one's personal practice. Lessons learned on the mat, through personal struggle and perseverance, can then be applied off the mat; thus creating yoga as practice of life. 

Natalie DeBenedictis

Studio: Omtown Nanaimo, BC

Style: Baptiste Power Vinyasa

Philosophy: I have waited many years to become a teacher because I take this practice very seriously. My message to my students is to remain curious and play. I encourage my students to let go of expectations and fear. I bring a lot of positivity to my classes and a fun playful atmosphere.

Isabella Carvajal

Studio:The Ashram Yoga, Bellevue WA

Style: Hot Yoga

Philosophy: I believe that the awareness of breathe is number 1 and asana is number 2. I care about quality over quantity- students working at their 100% while maintaining the awareness of breathe rather than how many poses they do. I hold a safe space for my students to step out of their comfort zone and move past their edges. At the same time, helping them become mindful of how their showing up in their life- on/off their mats!

Miguel Chen

Studio: Blossom Yoga Studio Laramie and Cheyenne Wyoming

Style: Hatha

Philosophy: Every single thing that ever happened has lead us here. We are each a unique gift to this universe. It is our joyful duty to connect deeply to ourselves, and to bring what we find out into the world. May we be always learning, always growing, with open minds and open hearts.

Madeline Hickman

Studio: Corepower Yoga NYC

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I try to TEACH, more than guide, from a genuine place. Often times that means laughing in class, but most importantly my students and I connect to our breath to move our bodies and challenge ourselves. It’s also about connecting before, during, and after class.

Carolann Porzillo

Studio: LA Fitness West Palm Beach, FL

Style: Vinyasa/Prenatal

Philosophy: Carolann’s goal is to create a space where others can let go, calm their minds and believe in their own strengths.






Sarah Werkin

Studio: Better Buzz Yoga Denver, Co

Style: Strala Yoga

Philosophy: I believe in natural movement, that yoga cures & there is an easy way to do anything more effectively. 

Every body is different, I am not here to correct or fix or judge others, merely here to guide you back to what you already know to be true. 

Krista Power

Studio: YMCA Edmonton, LA Fitness Edmonton

Style: Hatha, Flow, Yin, Vinyasa

Philosophy: Everyone belongs in Yoga.  It’s important to me that everyone feels welcome in my classes, regardless of age, size, shape, experience or abilities.  My classes are very breath-focused as I believe that learning to work with the breath is a vital part of Yoga.  Yoga is non-competitive, and as such, I encourage my students to practice mindfully and to be guided by their bodies and their breath, not their egos.  I have immense respect for the history and traditions of Yoga and I am honored to call myself a Yoga Teacher. 

Annu Gaidhu

Studio: Parivartan Mississauga Hot Yoga Studio, Brampton Hot Yoga Wellness Centre, Chakra Wellness Centre

Style: Vinyasa/Hatha Flow

Philosophy: My message is simple; I encourage getting out of your comfort zone and to just breathe. It is easy to focus purely on what comes easy to us and what we are good at. Things are difficult for a reason and we hold the most tension in the parts of the body we don’t usually focus on because we shy away from pain. Know what pain is and acknowledge it is here and needs to be here; it is how we move forward. The resistance you feel is important. Let this go when you step on your mat and focus on your least favorite poses they are the keys to the evolution of your soul.

Alysha Pfeiffer

Studio: The Yoga Loft of Bethlehem

Style: Restorative Yoga

Philosophy: Yoga makes life better and yoga is for everyBODY. Just a few minutes on your mat everyday can change your life and the world around you for the better. 

Sara Sleeper

Studio: Healing Elements

Style: Vinyasa/Anusara 

Keri Lincoln

Studio: Keri Lincoln Yoga

Style: Primal Yoga® Flow, Vinyasa, Yogalates 

Philosophy: My main aim is to spread joy and greater understanding of the body and its capabilities. I believe Yoga is for everyone and can provide so much knowledge into how you can heal and aid your body. I teach a style that combines Vinyasa with Martial Art's (Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu) With an emphasis on breath, fluidity and intelligent alignment-based sequencing, Primal Yoga® Flow harmonises yin and yang energy and taps into our body's own innate wisdom to unlock the healing potential within.  

Andrew Papke

Studio: Nour Yoga - Mombasa, Kenya

Style: Hatha

Philosophy: My philosophy is that yoga practice has a lot to offer everyone. What I as a teacher give to my students covers all elements physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through asana, students achieve physical and emotional balance, which gives way to greater mental clarity and eventually deeper spiritual connections. I love having students open up about their yoga experiences and the benefits they receive.

Baljinnyam Chinzorigt

Studio:Tomi Healthy Lifestyle

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Nikki Head

Studio: YogaPod Lodo, Denver, CO

Style: www.fireflyyoga.com

Teaching Philosophy: Firefly Yoga is a balance of challenge and playfulness, stepping out of your comfort zone yet respecting and honoring your body, making your practice a time to build physical strength as well we mental awareness.

Stacie Jaya Balaguer

Studio: Jaya Yoga

Style: Hatha

Philosophy: I believe in teaching a style that offers a holistic approach to the practice, ranging from Gentle to a more challenging Hatha Flow.  All classes of my classes incorporate breathing (pranayama), poses (asanas), deep relaxation (yoga nidra) & meditation. A complete workout for mind, body & soul.  I come from a background of injury and am a walking miracle proving the healing powers of yoga.  I live my life sharing this with others.

Ashley Marchetti  

Studio: Yogarithm, Kenosha

Philosophy: Yoga is a space that we are able to work on loving our bodies for what they are and not what we think they should be, through teaching I lead students to focus on letting go of any self judgement while encouraging them to grow each week with deepening poses they already know but also challenging with new poses.

Melissa Hughey

Studio: Lemon Balm Yoga & Wellness, Indianaola, MS

Style: Vinyasa 

Philosophy: Melissa wishes to assist her students in becoming “light-filled”, connecting to the One True Source, and letting go of darkness, despair, and other low vibrations. She teaches her students to realize who they truly are and radiate energy and vitality...and to ascend, and emit God’s enlightment through their entire being so others can learn the true joy in the opportunity to live on this earth!

Patty Sassano and Stacy Fritz


Style: Hatha

Teaching Philosophy: www.FIT2ORDER.COM

Carmen Sanchez

Style: Hatha Yoga

Philosophy: Carmen has her own style where she combines Hatha, gentle and dance. She moved to Roanoke a beautiful valley in Virginia US where she continues  sharing her gift and passion for this way of life.

Mariela Powsang

Studio: Yoga Cise, Quakertown, PA

Style: Vinyasa, Restorative

Philosophy: One of my greatest passions is helping others to find balance on and off the mat with a particular emphasis on the breath, and enjoyment of the present moment and connection to their inner self. I came to the mat 8 years ago after the sudden death of my father not really sure what I was seeking at the time of sadness. I found a soft place for my body and sweet place for my heart .Yoga brought me contentment, balance, love, joy, strength, rest, and peace. And I just wanted to pass it all on, I love teaching flow classes to fun music with a balance between effort and surrender! I also love the many benefits of Restorative Yoga which I have experienced them in my own practice.  I am so grateful and honored to be able to share my love and passion for yoga with others on and off the mat!  

Sojourner Williams

Studio: Embrace Yoga DC, Relax Zen Yoga

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I believe we are all divinely inspired, creative beings- the masters of our greatest selves.

Turning inwards, we can learn to connect with our authentic selves and ignite that internal fire, that ushers forward the radiance of our inner light. 

Nami Patel


Studio: Yoga Life Westchester, NY

Style: Vinyasa and Ashtanga

Philosophy: The calmness and the oneness in the yoga room means true peace. Everyone is at a different stage of their lives. If they can experience true peace through asanas, they are all great yogis without exception. Bring out the inner-self with your breath to shine.

Charlotte Kilbourn

Studio: Thunderbolt Power Yoga Atlanta, GA

Style: Heated power Vinyasa and AcroYoga

Philosophy: I believe that yoga is for everyone who wants to practice it, regardless of age, weight, gender, or any other attributes. I firmly believe that yoga should be the perfect balance of challenging and fun. I love to empower my students to try something new, something scary, with no guarantees of success, and that messing up and learning is much better than not trying. I end every class with "Be Brave, Be Weird, Be Unequivocally You" and my classes and energy attest to that. I love when people break down their barriers that yoga is scary and serious, and they finally embrace the power in not taking their practice so seriously. It's a practice -- an excuse to get messy and to fall, and to pick yourself back up. 

Jen Martin

Studio: Art of Balance Yoga, Fredericksburg, Va

Philosophy: Yoga is an amazing tool. Our yoga mat is our space to practice and to observe ourselves. In this space we practice listening, observing and feeling whatever comes up. Here we have the opportunity to accept ourselves, have compassion for ourselves and love ourselves exactly as we are. As we practice, we remember our goodness and we move from that space and we shine. Others can feel this love and it can inspire others. As a teacher, I hope to move from my inner light, and inspire my students to move from their inner light.

Alexis Villegas

Alexis Villegas of @travelandstretch is a devoted student of the Ashtanga yoga tradition, she has made two trips to Mysore, India to practice at KPJAYI and has also studied extensively under Boonchu Tanti in Bangkok, Thailand and Eilleen Hall in Sydney, Australia. Alexis believes that by living with passion, optimizing your health, and travelling often, that everyone can find the path to living their best life.

Ali Cellini

Studio: Purusha Yoga School

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: strive to offer a place where everyone can come as they are and discover their own practice and expression - a place where everyone is open and welcome to learn. My own philosophy in yoga is in short – sweat, breathe, focus, surrender. To me yoga is a dance; it is an expressive bodily language of gratitude, of surrender and of love. I love it mentally and physically. I believe in hard work and strive for precision – that is where I find the sweet spots. My practice and teaching exist around this opportunity for clarity and expression and I try to channel this way of seeing to others.

Isabella Czech

Studio: Empower Yoga, The College of New Jersey

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: I’m not trying to convert the world, nor am I critical of other people’s paths. Philosophy is inside; it’s not something you just read and memorize, and get right or wrong. Everybody's yoga practice is their own practice, and that is what is most important to me. I want to lead people into their own direct experience, and that process is very personal to each individual.

Dana Sweeney

Studio: Nandi Yoga San Mateo, CA

Style: Vinyasa

Philosophy: My teaching and practice is deeply connected to the breath, focuses on alignment, and encourages everyone to listen to the body and do what's right for you today.

Samara  Andrade

Studio: Vinyasa

Style: Yoga Tune Up, Trauma-Informed

Philosophy: My teaching focuses on mindful vinyasa flow, connecting the body, mind, and breath through dynamic and creative sequences, Yoga Tune Up® with therapy balls, and trauma-informed yoga. I like to start and end class with breathing and mindfulness practices designed to relieve stress, re-center, and connect in with one's higher self so students leave the mat feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on life’s next journey. My classes are known for a divine tune down and aromatherapy Shivasana.

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