Jade Ambassadors Continued

Irina Nordstrom

Studio: Soula Grove Yoga - Paso Robles, CA

Style: Hatha


I believe life is a personal journey and my goal is to encourage growth and understanding of the self through yoga, where students can create a vision, discover their own sense of spirituality and find a holistic balance in their everyday lives. I am as much a student as I am a teacher, embracing the process all along the way. We should all take a moment, close our eyes and just breathe.


Denise Springer

Studio: You Power Yoga

Style: Power


I love building connections with students and seeing them become happier, healthier, more loving and relaxed. My prayer is for You Power Yoga students to experience the joyful, lasting transformation yoga brings. Come as you are – large, small, happy, not so happy; leave better. It really can be just that simple.


Cecilia Garama


Nour Yoga - Mombasa, Kenya
Style: Hatha

Philosophy:  Yoga has been an amazing teacher and friend ever since it came into my life. Through yoga I have been empowered to follow my dreams and do what I love. I believe yoga offers people the tools to find balance in life, and that’s what I want for my students. I put emphasis on the mind-body-breath connection in all of my classes. I am very passionate about my continent- Africa, and I believe yoga can bring a lot of healing to Africa’s children. My philosophy is that yoga is everyone. There is nothing more beautiful than people from all walks of life coming together to move and breath as one.


Alison Krywucki


Studio: StillPoint Yoga Studio

Style: Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Yoga-Meditation Combination Classes 


Alison Mackie


Studio: Naval Bases in Naples, Italy

Style: Vinyasa


Susan Verde


Studio: East end Long Island, camps, schools and privately

Style: Vinyasa flow


 Philosophy: I am a certified kid's yoga and mindfulness instructor for pre-school through teenage children and a children's book author. I teach Hatha yoga with a mixture of stories, games, asana, pranayama and specific mindfulness activities. My teaching often includes expressing creativity through journaling and art and a reading of my latest book I Am Yoga.


Lena Hershey


Studio: Carlisle Family YMCA, Carlisle, PA

Style: Vinyasa


Do no harm. Assist, encourage and support.



Wern Cheen Chang


Studio: Yoga at Cindys, Sunnyvale CA

Style: Vinyasa Flow


I believe in making yoga accessible to everyone. It is much more than just asana but a practice of living life by building awareness of your body, mind and breath. Eat, run, play and yoga :)



Jasmine Creighton


Studio: Claremont Yoga, Claremont, CA

Style: Hatha

 Philosophy:  Jasmine became a teacher so she can service women in the pre and postnatal pregnancy stages as well as beginners and those seeking an alternative for healing purposes. Her overall goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone, especially in minority communities.

 “I believe yoga is a one size fits all practice, meaning it’s for every one.” – Jasmine Creighton


Jennifer Stewart


Studio:  Rise Power Yoga, Princeton NJ


Style: Vinyasa


I love making yoga accessible and real. It's for real people living real lives. There's no perfect image of what a yogi looks like, it's in ALL of us. Every class may be a little different as we arrive differently on our mats each time. I love to create a space for individual's to come together...find themselves and find a community. Self love is key. I try to live this every day, on and off my mat. And yoga inspires me to dig deep and explore the inner most version of me, my true self. As I connect better with myself, I'm able to better connect with the realness in my students. We are all doing the best we can every day...some days may just be better than others, but that's okay. It's an ongoing effort. My class is a place for everyone, no matter their skill level, gender, age, size, color, religion, diet, etc. Like a great mat, it serves everyone :)




Annu Gaidhu

Studio: Parivartan Mississauga Hot Yoga Studio, Brampton Hot Yoga Wellness Centre, Chakra Wellness Centre

Style: Vinyasa/Hatha Flow

Philosophy: My message is simple; I encourage getting out of your comfort zone and to just breathe. It is easy to focus purely on what comes easy to us and what we are good at. Things are difficult for a reason and we hold the most tension in the parts of the body we don’t usually focus on because we shy away from pain. Know what pain is and acknowledge it is here and needs to be here; it is how we move forward. The resistance you feel is important. Let this go when you step on your mat and focus on your least favorite poses they are the keys to the evolution of your soul.

Alysha Pfeiffer

Studio: The Yoga Loft of Bethlehem
Style: Restorative Yoga

Philosophy: Yoga makes life better and yoga is for everyBODY. Just a few minutes on your mat everyday can change your life and the world around you for the better. 

Keri Lincoln

Studio: Keri Lincoln Yoga
Style: Primal Yoga® Flow, Vinyasa, Yogalates 

Philosophy: My main aim is to spread joy and greater understanding of the body and its capabilities. I believe Yoga is for everyone and can provide so much knowledge into how you can heal and aid your body. I teach a style that combines Vinyasa with Martial Art's (Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu) With an emphasis on breath, fluidity and intelligent alignment-based sequencing, Primal Yoga® Flow harmonises yin and yang energy and taps into our body's own innate wisdom to unlock the healing potential within. 


Andrew Papke

Studio: Nour Yoga - Mombasa, Kenya

Style: Hatha


My philosophy is that yoga practice has a lot to offer everyone. What I as a teacher give to my students covers all elements physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through asana, students achieve physical and emotional balance, which gives way to greater mental clarity and eventually deeper spiritual connections. I love having students open up about their yoga experiences and the benefits they receive.


Baljinnyam Chinzorigt

Studio:Tomi Healthy Lifestyle

Style: Vinyasa Flow



Nikki Head

Studio: YogaPod Lodo, Denver, CO

Style: www.fireflyyoga.com

Teaching Philosophy: 

Firefly Yoga is a balance of challenge and playfulness, stepping out of your comfort zone yet respecting and honoring your body, making your practice a time to build physical strength as well we mental awareness.


Stacie Jaya Balaguer


Studio: Independent

Style: Hatha

Teaching Philosophy: 

I believe in teaching a style that offers a holistic approach to the practice, ranging from Gentle to a more challenging Hatha Flow.  All classes of my classes incorporate breathing (pranayama), poses (asanas), deep relaxation (yoga nidra) & meditation. A complete workout for mind, body & soul.  I come from a background of injury and am a walking miracle proving the healing powers of yoga.  I live my life sharing this with others.



Patty Sassano and Stacy Fritz



Style: Hatha

Teaching Philosophy: 


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